Monday, March 31, 2008

NetBeans6.1: Editor ScreenShot on Drag

NetBeans6.1 has quite a lot of small and big but significant features. I have come across a few yet. I ll try them and blog about them as and when I meet them :)
Today i saw something unusual as i dragged my editor tab.
As soon as i dragged the editor window, a screen shot of the editor window got attached with the dragged icon. I switched back NetBeans6.0 to confirm if i had missed it in NetBeans6.0. But yeah this is the new feature of NetBeans6.1. The screen shot is the most recent version of your file.
So how do you do it? Simple, click the editor tab and drag!

Looks that NetBeans6.1 has some inbuilt feature which can take screen shots and append it to the tab icon on Drag. Need to investigate the sources. If screen shots become possible from inside NetBeans then writing tutorials and blogging becomes very easy.

Also the same applies for all the TopComponents present in your NetBeans window(Project tab, files tab, output tab etc.)

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