Monday, March 30, 2009

Firefox - Blinking Cursor

I am annoyed for the past one week due to the blinking cursor on firefox. I was about to uninstall firefox until I googled for this post.

To disable this annoying caret, just Press "F7" and press "No".

It was a Caret browsing feature which I somehow enabled and then thought it was a firefox bug.

More information:

Hope this helps someone.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When you say nothing at all

"When you say nothing at all" has been one of my favorite song of all time. But today I discovered that it has been sung by 3 three different singers in a span of 10 years. And each one brings his/her own charm into the song.
Interesting, So check all three out here.
Keith Whitley - 1988
Alison Krauss - 1995
Ronan Keating - 1999

Keith Whitley

Alison Krauss

Ronan Keating