Sunday, March 2, 2008

I have so much to blog about!!

Suddenly I have lots of topics to blog about.
1.) Sun Tech Days
2.) Our Class's Sports trophy(finally)
3.) Fantasy Dalal Street
4.) Significant Contributor award by Sun Microsystems, India.
and so many small instances which have affected my life.

While the Hyderabad visit for the Sun Tech Days was a fruitful one, our class's Sports Throphy victory was a nostalgic one. The history that runs behind this win can actually be a script for a new thrilling Movie(:-0). It took the arguably the best sports team in the college to get what it deserved. Yes ! The most coveted trophy at Fr. CRCE is finally ours. Emotions ran high on the sports day. I just came back from Hyderabad and went straight to Wellington Sports club, Khar. As soon as i got off the rickshaw, I saw Sameer getting into the act for the 4X100m Relay. I just patted on his back and crossed the track on the other side to get the acquainted to the situation. I was told that this relay was the decider. The equation was simple if we win some points in the race, we are in the race for the trophy else we are out!!. This meant we had no chance if we lost the relay and TEE came 1st(Worst case scenario).

Whistle Blew!! Sameer was off and accelerating, passed the baton to Rohit who still kept us in the race.. Race was competitive. And suddenly Anirudh fell during the 3rd
lap. Our heart beat hard. Faces Tensed. But Anirudh gathered all the courage and stood up to run again with a bleeding leg. All of us started cheering. Vineet finally completed the last lap. To our dismal, the worst thing happened. TEE stood first and we last. Our jaws fell. Disappointed again! We had lost the sports trophy.

Suddenly shouts of foul fell to my ears. I turned around to see that it was Rohit who was claiming a justified foul that the TEE guy ran in his lane blocking him! This was again confirmed by the referees and other volunteers present to monitor the race. Voila!! Things took a 360 degree turn. TEE disqualified and we now had a healthy lead of 24 points. And the Sports Trophy was ours. A nostalgic moment. This again got strengthened when we won the tug-o-war. "Computers" was the roar that lit up the whole ground. BECA was finally jumping and were on their feet literally. Eyes filled up with joy. Worn out faces finally brightened up. I was fortunate to be present at the defining moment.

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