Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fantasy Dalal Street

Shantaram and myself are out with Fantasy Dalal Street. You can trade with real stocks, real prices and fake money. You are alloted a huge sum of Rs. 50,00,000 to invest in BSE 30 scripts. All you need is to go to , Register and start trading. Right now its only open for our college students as a part of College's Cultural Events but soon we'll be launching an enhanced version of the game.

Shantaram and myself were very excited by the world of virtual Stock trading. So we decided why not venture in it and start FDS. It gives you the experience to deal with real prices and stocks without any real money on stake. And apart from that the bottom line lied in undestanding the deeper concept of JSP/Servlets. Sun Tech Days has been a great boost. You'll surely have a next version based on the latest technology by Sun, may be using Visual Pack for NetBeans with implementations of Ajax. So keep watching.

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