Friday, March 7, 2008

Euphoria Performance!! Is it over or a beginning?

We performed at Euphoria'08. Just two months back we were in a dilemma whether we'll put up a performance or not. And on 6th March, BEC1 lit up the stage with a thrilling performance sending a very strong message. Our theme revolved around Indian Students leaving India and becoming NRIs(Non-returning Indians). This can be closely related to Swades (SRK movie).

However, the only difference was that we were not performing but we were feeling it. Many of my batchmates are leaving for US(including me) to pursue MS. Most of them have secured an I-20. Within few months they'll land on the US soils. And statistics show, very few come back after their studies. Most settle down with a good(well paid compared to their counterparts in India) job and family.

Our performance at Euphoria made me have a 2nd thought. Is the scenario same today? Will I return? Will my classmates return? I somehow get the feeling "yes". I feel this from my heart, but can't justify it. Its just an intuition. It is answer to one of those questions which can't be proved using a mathematical formula or theory. It is a matter of belonging. You feel good when your at home.

I don't have justifications. May be because the medium is different. I am feeling it from my heart and expressing through words.

What do you feel? Is it the End or the Beginning ?


Gayomard said...

... VERY heart felt post man...

i dont know about you but i will definitely return....(if i plan to go u know...!)

Gayomard said...
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