Monday, February 18, 2008

18th Feb

Finally, Our class began practice for dance. It was nice that many unexpected faces showed up and the enthusiasm to work as a unit increased. The theme has been decided. And the theme we have chosen is....(You are welcome on the 6th to see our performance ;)) We worked as a workforce. Each one helping other. Each one correcting other. Each one accepting mistakes and working further. The day marked a starting which will end only after our performance at Euphoria(Our Annual Cultural Fest). I feel to tempted to disclose our plan but i can't.. :) So i cut short this blog here.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

CFF concludes

The recently concluded Code For Freedom Contest gave a nice boost and insight to the technical happenings in NetBeans and Sun Microsystems. I managed to contribute to NetBeans with CFF as the medium. The contest has left a major impact on me. Though the contest has concluded, I would keep on contributing. Some of the works i have listed below.
Documentation on and
Document title:- PicturesExplorer
Now you can find the link to this document here too.
Feedback here
Document title:- Basic Understanding of NetBeans NodesAPI
Feedback here
Plugins Picasaweb plugin for NetBeans Desc:- The plugin uses the Picasaweb API and retrieves Picasaweb album summary, links to the album and retrieves photographs for each album. These can be viewed inside the NetBeans window. A basic slideshow functionality has been embedded into the plugin.

Plugin link:-
Project home :-

Pictures Explorer Plugin for NetBeans
Desc:- For NetBeans users who always have their NetBeans window gazing at them ,it becomes tedious to open another pictures explorer and view your MyPictures Folder in MyDocuments. This plugin exactly does that.
Plugin link :-
Project Home

I am now Googleable :-)

16th Feb

15th Feb missing.. Yeah missed 15th Feb. The first day that i missed :-).

16th Feb was an exciting day. A Saturday and people were now getting serious about the Dance and Drama performance. The foremost dancer's group appealed to the class to help and coordinate to make the dance a success. It was a good gesture. They atlast communicated to the class. I believe its always a good idea to take the whole class with you rather than dictating your own terms. And excatly that happened. People started turning in. A small request saying that it won't cost much to participate for the dance melted many. I too joined in. Lets see what hapeens now onwards. A laughriot is sure, if i make it to the stage :-). The class now looks enthusiatic present a good act for euphoria. Aditya got a script, but things didn't proceed since it was written in Marathi. Its gonna be tedious to decipher the Marathi text. But there's an alternative script too that we are looking at. Again our 'A' batch didn't have any practicals.

The spotlight shifted to the quaterfinal volleyball match which started at 3.30pm. And the opponents(TEC1) brought in the memories of our last year defeat. And definitely, a great match at hands. We started off well and took an early lead in the 1st set. This boosted our confidence and the 1st set was ours. 2 nd set saw a tough fight. It seemed that we tried to play safe and the tally went upto 24 each into a tie breaker. We lost the set and history repeated itself. The ugly thoughts started haunting. The 15 pt last set was now crucial. All were tensed. No one moved. Some terrific points were scored by both the teams. Our team tried hard but the set and match went to the opponents. A dejection spread over the faces of all. We had lost again. In spite being a good team, we are not able to convert the talent and skills into victory. There is something really wrong happening. No one has an answer to it. May be the coming days may throw some light! So keep watching the space.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

14th Feb

Today was 14th Feb, the d-day for our SACK submissions. We had already submitted a day before. So the day was quite light and jovial. In college,lectures went off well. Finally the class attendance shot above 50%. The mood looked relaxed in all lectures except in DC, where we had a thorough revision of CN concepts. Also shockingly around 20 students had exhausted their disk quota limits. The other story of the day was also 14th Feb. The love guys/gals had their day too. Each of them had planned something. A calm and loving atmosphere prevailed throughout the day. Again as usual we didn't have, our DWM practicals.
The highlight of the day happened off the campus. I polished my latest NetBeans community document and submitted. Hours after, I received two feedbacks from the Community users. I could not believe when i saw the second feedback. It was by Geertjan. His works have been mentoring us throughout the plugin development process. He is one of those Tech guy we look upto. His plugins have been amazingly creative. And that made my day.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Today, I finally managed to submit two plugins for NetBeans. CFF has been a great platform for students like me to learn something new, to fill up the void that was left by Mumbai University.

The whole sack team has worked religiously over the time. Understood the meaning of open source, technologies, processes and much more.

This process has evolved us. From arbitarily writing small programs as college assignments to writing a plugin, the journey has been long. I have understood more by Action than by words. Concepts such as MVC, testing(which i hated doing ),modules,structuring... are digesting well now.

Finally, The blogger plugin is out!!!!!

So finally, the blogger plugin is out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Final Days at BECA

Final Days at Fr.CRCE have begun. The very thought that all of us are going to part sends shivers down my spine. It was late August 2004, and accidently my birthday when i attended my first day at college. An introvert,reserved guy who would not mingle with anyone unless absolutely necessary. I had a notion that if you don't know a person, you should not mingle with him/her. However, today after nearly 3.5 yrs at college, my belief has reversed. In order to know a person, you have to mingle with him.
And mingle with whom? A class of crazy maniacs!!!! Each one having his own story to tell and if s/he doesn't, we put words in her/his mouth. The journey has been so momentous that i do not want to miss the climax. Its true that our journeys won't end here but from here we won't be travelling together. So i want to capture each day as it comes.Today onwards i ll be posting the happenings at BECA-08. Hope i ll be able to do this regularly :-)

Feb 13:- Our class cricket team had their semi-final match against TEP. I wanted to be there at the Oval, but my attendance forced me to college. The class wore a deserted look. Hardly anyone had come. And that made me more upset, because i knew what i was missing. First two lectures went off with a marginal attendance and voila! We have a free lecture. The hustle bustle started. We tried and got the pracs cancelled and a few preponed. And the stage was get for us to leave for Oval. Ashley, Praneeta, Renu, Shweta left while few decided to leave after the last lecture. I stayed back as i had work in the office. By that time, we had started batting. Soon it was lunch and was about to leave for Oval when I realised that SACK needed to sort out and submit contrbutions. The SACK team had been toiling day and night since a long and again I had to comply with the circumstances. It was just after lunch that i called to know that we were 113 allout.... our lowest in the tournament! That sent jitters across, Soon another update. 50/3 which kindled another hope. I couldn't handled the pressure and so didn't keep track of the scores anymore. But then received a message from Shweta saying "We lost :(". The hopes shattered! Once again we lost. Couldn't imagine the situation of our players. Must have felt so low and hurt. Arguablly the most talented in the lot, had LOST. Dejection must have ruled their faces. I have seen them play as a unit. It meant a lot to all, the team had given it all.
But then its one of those days. We may have not won the Cricket throphy!! (Some guys may be swearing at me, considering am an offield spokesman) Aren't we taking back something more valuable with us? Aren't we taking home memories which are far more valuable than the trophies we might have won? We can count the trophies, but can we count those mesmerizing moments. That sledging, TEC2 class, TEP football, cakes, parties, Supari talao, Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow, muddy fields, Bharat's free kicks, Alok's run up, Harshal's (Shivaji) bat, sugarcane, broken bats, Shivaji park, bazigar, photograph sessions, cramps, classic cover drives, misfields, overthrows, anthem, ................ i can keep on and on. We have enjoyed every moment. And thats our Achievement!!