Thursday, January 31, 2008

Its Been A Long Time

Its Been a long time since I posted. But Lots of events happened in during
this period. From the boring exam time to the exciting world of Coding. This
This period had all.
Actually i was able to contribute the previous post on
It was my first ever tutorial or any kind of Documentation. This small event triggered
great confidence in me. And since then, its been constant work.
It has been work that I am enjoying. Fresh challenges everyday, with them bring more determination to solve them.
Racking your brains to what seems a simple problem, but however you have many Exceptions to handle :-)
This period has seen it all. Yeah, Its truely the exiciting world of Amateur Coding.

By the way i am posting this from my friend Shantaram's( blogger plugin for NetBeans..Isn't it great.
Now I can code and blog from the same Window.

That's truly exciting!!!