Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Final Days at BECA

Final Days at Fr.CRCE have begun. The very thought that all of us are going to part sends shivers down my spine. It was late August 2004, and accidently my birthday when i attended my first day at college. An introvert,reserved guy who would not mingle with anyone unless absolutely necessary. I had a notion that if you don't know a person, you should not mingle with him/her. However, today after nearly 3.5 yrs at college, my belief has reversed. In order to know a person, you have to mingle with him.
And mingle with whom? A class of crazy maniacs!!!! Each one having his own story to tell and if s/he doesn't, we put words in her/his mouth. The journey has been so momentous that i do not want to miss the climax. Its true that our journeys won't end here but from here we won't be travelling together. So i want to capture each day as it comes.Today onwards i ll be posting the happenings at BECA-08. Hope i ll be able to do this regularly :-)

Feb 13:- Our class cricket team had their semi-final match against TEP. I wanted to be there at the Oval, but my attendance forced me to college. The class wore a deserted look. Hardly anyone had come. And that made me more upset, because i knew what i was missing. First two lectures went off with a marginal attendance and voila! We have a free lecture. The hustle bustle started. We tried and got the pracs cancelled and a few preponed. And the stage was get for us to leave for Oval. Ashley, Praneeta, Renu, Shweta left while few decided to leave after the last lecture. I stayed back as i had work in the office. By that time, we had started batting. Soon it was lunch and was about to leave for Oval when I realised that SACK needed to sort out and submit contrbutions. The SACK team had been toiling day and night since a long and again I had to comply with the circumstances. It was just after lunch that i called to know that we were 113 allout.... our lowest in the tournament! That sent jitters across, Soon another update. 50/3 which kindled another hope. I couldn't handled the pressure and so didn't keep track of the scores anymore. But then received a message from Shweta saying "We lost :(". The hopes shattered! Once again we lost. Couldn't imagine the situation of our players. Must have felt so low and hurt. Arguablly the most talented in the lot, had LOST. Dejection must have ruled their faces. I have seen them play as a unit. It meant a lot to all, the team had given it all.
But then its one of those days. We may have not won the Cricket throphy!! (Some guys may be swearing at me, considering am an offield spokesman) Aren't we taking back something more valuable with us? Aren't we taking home memories which are far more valuable than the trophies we might have won? We can count the trophies, but can we count those mesmerizing moments. That sledging, TEC2 class, TEP football, cakes, parties, Supari talao, Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow, muddy fields, Bharat's free kicks, Alok's run up, Harshal's (Shivaji) bat, sugarcane, broken bats, Shivaji park, bazigar, photograph sessions, cramps, classic cover drives, misfields, overthrows, anthem, ................ i can keep on and on. We have enjoyed every moment. And thats our Achievement!!

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