Thursday, February 14, 2008

14th Feb

Today was 14th Feb, the d-day for our SACK submissions. We had already submitted a day before. So the day was quite light and jovial. In college,lectures went off well. Finally the class attendance shot above 50%. The mood looked relaxed in all lectures except in DC, where we had a thorough revision of CN concepts. Also shockingly around 20 students had exhausted their disk quota limits. The other story of the day was also 14th Feb. The love guys/gals had their day too. Each of them had planned something. A calm and loving atmosphere prevailed throughout the day. Again as usual we didn't have, our DWM practicals.
The highlight of the day happened off the campus. I polished my latest NetBeans community document and submitted. Hours after, I received two feedbacks from the Community users. I could not believe when i saw the second feedback. It was by Geertjan. His works have been mentoring us throughout the plugin development process. He is one of those Tech guy we look upto. His plugins have been amazingly creative. And that made my day.

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