Saturday, February 16, 2008

16th Feb

15th Feb missing.. Yeah missed 15th Feb. The first day that i missed :-).

16th Feb was an exciting day. A Saturday and people were now getting serious about the Dance and Drama performance. The foremost dancer's group appealed to the class to help and coordinate to make the dance a success. It was a good gesture. They atlast communicated to the class. I believe its always a good idea to take the whole class with you rather than dictating your own terms. And excatly that happened. People started turning in. A small request saying that it won't cost much to participate for the dance melted many. I too joined in. Lets see what hapeens now onwards. A laughriot is sure, if i make it to the stage :-). The class now looks enthusiatic present a good act for euphoria. Aditya got a script, but things didn't proceed since it was written in Marathi. Its gonna be tedious to decipher the Marathi text. But there's an alternative script too that we are looking at. Again our 'A' batch didn't have any practicals.

The spotlight shifted to the quaterfinal volleyball match which started at 3.30pm. And the opponents(TEC1) brought in the memories of our last year defeat. And definitely, a great match at hands. We started off well and took an early lead in the 1st set. This boosted our confidence and the 1st set was ours. 2 nd set saw a tough fight. It seemed that we tried to play safe and the tally went upto 24 each into a tie breaker. We lost the set and history repeated itself. The ugly thoughts started haunting. The 15 pt last set was now crucial. All were tensed. No one moved. Some terrific points were scored by both the teams. Our team tried hard but the set and match went to the opponents. A dejection spread over the faces of all. We had lost again. In spite being a good team, we are not able to convert the talent and skills into victory. There is something really wrong happening. No one has an answer to it. May be the coming days may throw some light! So keep watching the space.

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