Saturday, February 16, 2008

CFF concludes

The recently concluded Code For Freedom Contest gave a nice boost and insight to the technical happenings in NetBeans and Sun Microsystems. I managed to contribute to NetBeans with CFF as the medium. The contest has left a major impact on me. Though the contest has concluded, I would keep on contributing. Some of the works i have listed below.
Documentation on and
Document title:- PicturesExplorer
Now you can find the link to this document here too.
Feedback here
Document title:- Basic Understanding of NetBeans NodesAPI
Feedback here
Plugins Picasaweb plugin for NetBeans Desc:- The plugin uses the Picasaweb API and retrieves Picasaweb album summary, links to the album and retrieves photographs for each album. These can be viewed inside the NetBeans window. A basic slideshow functionality has been embedded into the plugin.

Plugin link:-
Project home :-

Pictures Explorer Plugin for NetBeans
Desc:- For NetBeans users who always have their NetBeans window gazing at them ,it becomes tedious to open another pictures explorer and view your MyPictures Folder in MyDocuments. This plugin exactly does that.
Plugin link :-
Project Home

I am now Googleable :-)

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