Monday, January 12, 2009

The Indian Underdog

It was quite a usually morning today until I heard some interesting conversation. As soon as I boarded the jam packed E subway to 7th Avenue, I unwilling started hearing a conversation between a man and a woman. I tried my best not to hear it, but still couldn't help courtesy the packed train and the way I was positioned.
Enough of excuses, let me get to the talk now! Initially they bored me, talking about a person who was now deep into drugs and almost ruined his life. (Not a good thing to hear early in the morning though). As soon as the train left the 50th Street Station, the words Slumdog Millionaire fell onto my ears. The initially boring conversation now attracted my attention. "Slumdog won 4 awards(Golden Globe), seems to be a good film" and I whispered in my mind "wow!" I am here in the middle of a overcrowded, early-morning subway and two Americans talking about Slumdog Millionaire. What a start!
Before I could to continue overhearing their conversation, I had to get off at 7th Avenue. I couldn't wait to google up for this update as I reached work. Indeed I was happy as I had seen this movie just a day before and had loved it. Excellently directed film with a great script and music, truly deserved recognization. Worth a watch!


Girish said...

I also heard is best movie just like kaun banega crore pati.

Kunal Modi said...

yeah, nice movie.
Depicts the Real Mumbai, which many of us want to ignore.

Vrunda said...

the movie captures real mumbai...there have been many films based on mumbai city, but this film is an exception. It is a 'must see'..the most amzing part is a british director has indeed understood the mumbai life to direct it so well...and i luv dev patel's bitish accent in der..btw bhai good job...nice blog!!!
keep going!!!

Vrunda said...


~ G.J ~ said...

Interesting piece of blog!

I truly loved Slumdoh Millionaire, regardless of how impossible it can get, with wins by experience and/or chance!

Disregarding the game itself, the movie did truly reflect the life of the poor in Mumbai, which in turn, made us feel how lucky we are, to be living a life far better than the life of the poor an the slums.

This movie was actually released way before it got released in the general theatre, but was viewed only selected theatres.

Good job actors(and the real poor who reflected thier lives in the film), producer, director, and the rest of the people involved with the production of the film.

And Good Job with this blog.

Keeep Blogging.