Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A December Snowy Morning

Its December and it has started snowing. The train is passing through the snow covered tracks. Small shrubs trying to peep out through the snow covered blanket. Its the first snow this winter and the first snow I have ever experienced. I am familiar with heavy rains and always wondered how it would feel being under a snowfall. It is a vast difference. Snow is so soft that you hardly realize that its falling. So light to feel. (There may be hailstorms and blizzards too, but I don't want to spoil my party so soon :P). And when it covers all the ground, it looks very pure and quiet. That can be attributed to the color white as a symbol of peace and purity.
I am gazing outside window as soft white cotton flakes fall from the invisible clouds. Such a serene feeling. But as soon as they touch my window they disappear and instead small droplets of water trickle through the window glass. I can see cars covered with snow rushing past traffic lights. People under their umbrella and snow coats walking pass the rail station. It is such a calm environment and you would want to bury yourself deep into thoughts admiring this beautiful phenomenon of nature.
The train continues to speed on. Soon I will reach New York City to start another exciting day at work and will have to leave behind my admiration for this heavenly phenomenon for some other time.

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