Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The journey has been...

I now stay in US. Its nearly 8 weeks since I left Mumbai and more 2 months since I wrote my last blog(that too a movie review :D). Finally, a computer science graduate from the Mumbai University and now a Software Developer at Arvato Systems in New York City. Last 8 weeks have transformed my life. They say here Life comes at you Fast. And I am feeling the pace. From the fast paced crowd of Mumbai, to the more sophisticated and fashionable but equally paced crowd of New York. From the bumpy streets of Mumbai to the wider and more cleaner Streets of New York(Although people here do not condsider New York clean, but they haven't seen Mumbai ;)) From the Mumbai trains to the New York Subways, the transformation has been fast. Have quickly adapted to the cooler Summers of New York from the Hot & Humid weather of Mumbai. Such transformation use cases are plenty and I can go on and go.

But its the same Kunal, its the same Java, its the same NetBeans(now Eclipse too), the same Windows/Linux/Mac, the same Google,Microsoft,Sun. I still talk with System.out.println and constructors. I still look for more and new IDE keyboard shortcuts. For and While loops still form the basic indegrients of my code. Windows is still hated by developers and I still use it. I work with a passionate and a diverse(read people from different cultures and linguistic background) team of developers but we speak the same language which the computer understands. Debugging is still bugging and coding is still exciting. Caffinee(Coffee) is the favorite drink though addictive. Technology still makes breaking news everyday and we have Google Chrome.

In spite of such a crazy transformation of personal and social life, some things cease to change. And they are those things which command the change. And the world has really gone flat.

So, The journey has been...(I can't find a suitable word)

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Amit Kumar Saha said...

Life Changing?

All the best dude!