Sunday, June 15, 2008

On my way to Baroda

I am on my way to Baroda(I wish, I could link it to google maps right now), my other hometown. I was born here. Though i visit Baroda (A 7 hour train journey from Mumbai) atleast biannually, the journey this time is making me have mixed feelings. I am experiencing the typical indian train journey. Clattering of the tea vendors, passengers around me chatting, eating... its fun travelling in a second class compartment. The view outside the window is equally exciting. The long spans of country side farms and on concrete structure in sight. So whats new this time? You may ask me all this may be routine for me. Yes this is not the first time i am experiencing this. But I am experiencing it from a different dimension. I am leaving for the US in a three weeks time. I dont know when I'll be back to take such a journey to Baroda again. I am going to get lost in my quest to realise my dreams. In my opinion there comes a time in everyone's life where one chooses a path which will act as a catalyst to achieve one's ambition. I don't know how it will execute, but I am sure things will surely work out well.
The train is breezing through the fields. Within few hours it will reach the destination.
And if your thinking that second class coaches of Indian Railways have Internet connection, wait a minute. I am using my cell phone to post this blog. Indian Railways have a long way to go :-).

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