Saturday, May 24, 2008

Search trends for NetBeans IDE crosses Eclipse IDE at Google Trends.

The popularity of NetBeans has increased many fold since the release of NetBeans6.0.
Today at google trends I discovered the same. I compared the results for "NetBeans IDE" and "Eclipse IDE" at google trends

(You can view the results here , to know more about google trends click here).
I wasn't surprised to see that "NetBeans IDE" was more searched than "Eclipse IDE" over the recent months. The trends truly reflect the hard work put by the NetBeans team, Sun Microsystems and an active and growing NetBeans Community. NetBeans has now become developers favorite choice for development. I am sure that this trend will continue to grow in coming months.

Note: I have purposely included the word IDE for trend results because google trends is not able to distinguish between the natural phenomenon "eclipse" and the Java IDE "Eclipse". Including "IDE" in both the keywords makes it more or less a fair comparison.
Also, this is an unadulterated interpretation of a NetBeans user and a student.

Happy NetBeaning!


Donald Smith said...

It's funny how the searches for Java as a whole is in major decline -- down by MORE THAN HALF from it's peak (ouch!):

Who actually searches with the term "ide" behind it? "eclipse ide"? Less than a 1000th of search referrals to have the modifier ide.

Here is a much clearer picture of the industry:

(and even that's not really a clear picture given Eclipse has to have modifiers in the search with deadweight like "java")

- Don

Steve said...

Donald, those trend links you posted are about as "much clearer" as the original post.

Meaningless stats with no scientific context.

Riaan said...

I have to agree with Steve... Those results don't really tell you much.

And the decline of java searches is probably caused mostly by the fact that it comes pre-installed on most PC's now.
People don't need to search because it just works.